A Powerful Partnership For Learning and Service:
Stillwater Junior High School, Lost Boys of Sudan, H2O for Life and Water for South Sudan
Students Raise More Than $80,000 to Fund Wells in South Sudan
Stillwater Junior High School H2O For Life - Water For South Sudan

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First well funded by Stillwater Junior High School near Wau, Sudan unveiled on PBS Program "Need To Know", Friday, January 7, 2011

The Lost Boys of Sudan are 27,000 boys orphaned during the 2nd Sudanese Civil War who undertook a harrowing journey to refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya, surviving separation from families, war, hunger, wild animals and disease. In 2001, 3800 Lost Boys of Sudan were resettled in the U.S.

Our project began in 2009 with a grant from The Partnership Plan to purchase copies of They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky, a Lost Boy memoir, and host one of its authors, Benjamin Ajak. A chance meeting in San Diego planted the seed for a fundraising partnership. When Patty Hall of H2O for Life learned that Benjamin would be speaking in Stillwater, she contacted teacher Sara Damon and suggested that Benjamin’s visit could be an opportunity to help bring clean, safe water to South Sudan by raising funds for Water for South Sudan, founded by Lost Boy Salva Dut of Rochester, NY.

After raising $5,000 the first year, our project has grown and evolved with each school year. We have hosted South Sudanese refugees Benson Deng, John Bul Dau, Alephonsion Deng, Moses Joknhial II and Kuoth Wiel. Each shared their powerful life experiences with students in classrooms and with the broader Stillwater community. In addition to hosting guests, we have had the opportunity to Skype with two South Sudanese refugees, Sebastian Maroundit and Buey Tut.

With the support of our school district and community we have raised more than $80,000 and funded nine wells through speaker events, screenings of the films Girl Rising and The Good Lie, t-shirt sales, an annual Walk For Water, outreach to local churches and service organizations and school-based fundraisers. We’ve even set a Guinness World Record!

To learn more about H2O for Life: http://www.h2oforlifeschools.org

To learn more about Water for South Sudan: http://www.waterforsouthsudan.org

For further information about our project, contact Sara Damon at damons@stillwaterschools.org or 651-351-6952.